Design Your Kitchen With Style

By Rachel Bovey

Hi Friends! :) 

With summer in full force there’s a lot going on. The first few things that come to mind when I think of summer are house walks, the beach, and gathering with friends and family. Some of my favorite hobbies are cooking and entertaining guests. I find that the kitchen tends to be the place where people convene the most. Hopefully, it’s because the food I'm cooking smells so delicious! Having an accessible kitchen where I can cook and entertain is important to me. I have found that organization is key. Here are some tasteful ways to design your kitchen to help keep it organized, while it serves multiple purposes.


Open shelving in a kitchen is a popular trend that is stunning and functional. I love the versatility of them. You do not need to go full-on open shelves to achieve the look. Putting them in one corner or around the sink still gives off the sleek style. My favorite part of open shelving is that it gives me the ability to display my favorite dishware! Instead of having all my dishware cramped in a cabinet, the open shelving design gives my dishes two purposes: to eat off of and to accessorize my kitchen. I love finding multiple uses in things. In addition, it helps me keep track of my dishes. Afraid you don’t have anything display worthy? Simple white dishes, clear glasses, spices and herbs and/or cookbooks will do the trick!


When it comes to the kitchen, space is a key factor. I know that when I cook I need a lot of counter space because I’m a sucker for laying everything out beforehand. A kitchen island is a great addition to any kitchen and can serve as a stylish centerpiece. I love how functional kitchen islands can be. With a kitchen island there is plenty of room for storing pots and pans, there’s room to cook and place items like trays and plants, and it gives you ample space to cook and entertain all your friends and family.


Organization is key to a clutter-free kitchen. A hanging pot rack is a simple and creative way to organize your kitchen. Not only do hanging pot racks utilize hanging storage space, but they can serve as decoration. You can display colorful elements in the interiors of your kitchen when you hang brightly colored pots and pans. When I’m cooking in a rush I'm guilty of throwing my pots and pans into a cabinet where they get lost. A hanging pot rack helps keep my kitchenware in order and by hanging vintage inspired pots and pans it adds a timeless look and charm to my cooking space.