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cara alyn

I remember drawing interiors as a little girl of spaces I dreamt of living in.  Surprisingly, they were often quite minimalist for most little girls' tastes.  I've always loved the idea of editing your living space and possessions to only what you really love.  There is something about the balance of letting a room breathe while at the same time showing personality through the selected objects on display that I've always been drawn to.  Little did I know that I would chase this balance, and this love for interiors into adulthood.

I was balancing my day job with personal interiors work, like renovating our 1921 Buurma home, which garnered attention from friends and people in the community.  I was also in the Interior Design program with the New York Institute of Art and Design to continue to pursue this passion.  When my daughter was born, it was the perfect opportunity for me to reevaluate, and I realized with just a little bit more intention I was at the perfect point to pivot.

I started getting requests to help friends, family, and neighbors, and that's when I decided to open cara alyn interiors.  My approach is one of balance - because I grew up in Oak Park, I have an appreciation for vintage homes, but I also appreciate modernity.  Finding the intersection between historic elements and modern day living is where I like to work, whether that is in a new construction home or a rehab of a historic gem - it is possible in both!  I also grew up in an extremely artistic home (daughter of a custom frame shop manager and art teacher, sister to a bonafide painter), and I love bringing in owners' personalities to the home through artwork and objects of meaning.

For me, good design lives in where the owners find their joy and feel their best. It's my mission to work with you to achieve your dream space.

rachel bovey

Rachel is a rising senior at Kalamazoo College and will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Business. She has had a passion for art and design for as long as she can remember. Growing up with a mom as an artist and a dad as an architect increased her interest even more. She has always had an eye for detail. Previously she has interned at an art gallery and landscaping company. She is now assisting cara alyn interiors with back office management, marketing, and web content.